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Top 10 Public Universities in Bangladesh

Top 10 Public Universities in Bangladesh

Most students dream of studying in a good public university.
Some students have no choice. Studying in a private university can be very expensive.
Many people cannot afford it . So some students have no choice. because
They must study at a public so university so that they can complete their graduation.

Public universities have very limited seats. Every year, because
after passing their because HSC exam students, the fight for because seats from each booth.
Those who have the opportunity are very special and respectful in our society.
Today we will talk about the top 10 public universities in Bangladesh. because

List of top 10 public universities in Bangladesh
01. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology has been known as Burt for some time.
Every student has to read the dream book. If you are from a science background.
Students fight for every seat in Buet. If you want to pass the Buet admission test,
you need to score well in all science and English. So many students are ineligible.

The question of the Buet admission test is considered to be the most
difficult question of all university admissions.
If you get the chance to study at this prestigious university,
you will soon get a part-time job offer as a teacher at a well-known coaching company.
The best students in Buet are the best in the study,
so they usually maintain their CGPA very much.

Companies hire buet students

Companies hire buet students as soon as they complete their graduation.
Buet is just an engineering base. It takes a little money to study here.
So if anyone gets a chance to study here, nobody wants to give up.

02. Dhaka University
Dhaka University is the oldest university in Bangladesh.
It is also known to have been established during the British rule.
Dhaka University is located next to Shahbag.
The largest campus of two universities. He has rich history.

Dhaka University played a major role in our war against Pakistan in 1952 and 1971.
Even now, every logical protest starts between two. There are a lot of students in this university.
This includes 4 units A, B, Co and D. A unit for science students. B for Commerce.
For all students at C for Arts and D.

Students feel lucky to have the opportunity to study in two. because
So students from all over Bangladesh come here to take entrance tests.
Many very successful people came out of this historical university. so

Khulna University of Science

03. Khulna University of Science and Technology because
Khulna University of Science and Technology is a university, in short,
which wants to study engineering. Quetta is located in Khulna.
This is the best option for students after buet. Besides Kut,
Stochas is also a great adventure. Students from all over Bangladesh come to study here.

It has a beautiful campus.because It’s for students. so
Students can live and study in peace. because
There are currently about 6000 students in Kuwait. because
Kuwait is a public university so it costs very little to study here. so

Students who pass here have great because opportunities to find jobs very quickly.
This is why students try to study here with their best. so

04. University of Science and so Technology in Dhaka
The University of Science and Technology in Dhaka is located in Sylhet.
Also known as Sast is one of the most prestigious universities in Bangladesh.

SST is the 8th oldest because university because but in Bangladesh and so
the 1st University to accept the Credit System of america. because
Essat is known for its especially the likes of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal.
He is head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Established in 1986. There are currently over 10,000 students.

Rajshahi University is the second

05. Rajshahi because University
Rajshahi University is the second but largest university in Bangladesh. because
It is also known as DRU. DRU is located in Rajshahi. Dru was established in 1953. but
At that time, the 2nd University because was established in East Pakistan, now it is Bangladesh.

Ru has 59 divisions because and 10 departments. but It has so 753 acres of campus.

06. Jahangirnagar University because
Jahangirnagar University is located in Savar. A zoo also reported.
It is the only fully residential university in Bangladesh. The Zoo has 34 divisions and 6 divisions.

The Zoo because campus is so beautiful that people go and drink. because
So not only for educational purposes, but also for the most beautiful university. so

07. Chittagong University so
Chittagong University is the but largest campus of all universities in Bangladesh.
It is located in Chittagong area. The university played a major role in the 1971 liberation war.
So it has a because rich history.

Chittagong because University has 52 divisions and 7 faculty. because
Students of Chittagong University so are good at studying as well as sports and other co-educational activities.

08. Bangladesh Agricultural University because
Bangladesh Agricultural University was also established in 1961 as the known baw.
The wife was because the first because agricultural university in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh relies heavily on its agriculture. so
The wife has helped a lot in improving the agricultural infrastructure of Bangladesh.

Now the wife is well recognized all over Asia. There are 6 divisions and 43 divisions of the baw.

Khulna University so

09. Khulna University so Khulna University is because located in the Galiumari area of Khulna.
It was established in 1991. Khulna University is the only university
where student because politics is because prohibited. There are eight schools.
There are 28 disciplines in those schools. because

Because the free environment of politics is a because student who is interested in studying at this public university.

10. The number of people who have because been in Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
The University of Agriculture was established in 1998 and is located in south Salna in Gazipur district.
There are about 1400 students at this university. It’s a beautiful campus. because

The University of Bangladesh’s because Sheikh but Mujibur Rahman
Agriculture University has a library of two-storey edited books with about 21800 books.
so because There are two male and two female hostels. because
You will be eligible to apply for the University with because a minimum of 7.50 GPA-5 ssc and HSC combined.

by the way
I hope I’m like the top 10 public universities in Bangladesh.
If you have any questions, contact us. Thank you.

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