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How to do Keyword Research Google Keyword Planner

Creating Google Adword Account: Increase traffic from the search engines by searching keywords for free using Google Keyword Planner Tool and selecting keywords suitable for a blog.

Without a doubt, one sentence says Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular free keyword research tools in the Internet market at present. Using because this tool, a webmaster can easily get a clear idea of ​​any keyword very easily. This makes it easy for any blogger or online marketer to understand, what kind of keywords his blog or website or products of his business are using in search engines. In this context, a blogger or online marketer is able to reach the success of his blog or business by simply selecting keywords and reaching out to his blog’s article search engine. The main topic of our tutorial today is how to research and select the right keywords using Google Keyword Planner.

What is Keyword Research?
Suppose you have just started a personal blog or business blog online. In this case, search engine optimization (SEO) is needed to make your blog popular with everyone. You becausecan increase the popularity of the blog and increase the success of the blog by increasing the traffic by simply spreading your blog to everyone without having to spend any kind of money through search engine optimization. because The whole point is to increase the traffic of the blog, promote the blog, increase the popularity of the blog and SEO properly to achieve success. On the other hand, one of the first steps SEO should follow after starting blogging is to do Keyword Research. The reason is keyword research will tell you important keywords about the content of your blog. So in a nutshell, the key to doing a blog is to find the key keywords.

Most of what you find

What is the importance of Keyword Research in SEO?
Most of what you find on-line is done using the Keyword. Because of the transparency of Google Search Engine in the present, everyone now searches directly on the search engine to find what they need, without having to remember the address of a website. because In that case, Google Search Engine is bringing the best topic to the searcher. Keywords are now dependent on anyone searching for something online because of the reliability of the search engine. So in order to make your blog accessible to everyone considering the needs of your blog, you need to know the important keywords of your blog content ie what kind of keywords your blog topic or product can be searched on-line. The more directly he can do this, the more traffic he can generate on his blog.

What Is Google Keyword Planner?
Google Adwords Keyword Planner is an official Google tool for Adwords Publishers. Originally, Google introduced this tool to give advertisers because a sense of their website’s keywords before advertising it, but it could be used by both Adwords Publishers and Webmaster because it had open Keyword Research options. It’s a free tool that is extremely effective for getting clear ideas about any kind of keyword.

You must first create

How to create a Google AdWords account?
You must first create because a Google AdWord account using Google Keyword Planner. Because Google Keyword Planner can’t be used without an AdWords account. After creating an AdWords account, Google will give you access to your Keyword Planner. You can create an AdWords account by following the simple steps using a Gmail ID.
You must first click on this link to visit the official site of Google AdWords.

Then from that page, you will need to log in with your desired Gmail ID and password by clicking on the blue Start Now button on the right or in because the middle. After logging in to AdWords you will see the image below. ( Note: If you already have an AdWords account, login will not show as shown in the image below. In this case, you will get the following options if you work by following the image below to get this option).

How to do Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner?
Here you can get the following but options by clicking on the plus (+) icon on your profile picture as shown in the image above.
Here you can see the image below by clicking on the Experienced with Google Ads option.
Then click on Create an Account Without Campaign image above and you will see the following options.
There is nothing you need to do, so everything will be automatically detached. Just clicking on the blue submit button will indicate that the account has been created as shown in the image below
Your Google AdWords account has now been created.

You can see the Tools option

How to Research Keywords?
You can see the Tools option like the image below on the right side of the Google Adwords Dashboard. Clicking on the Tools icon from the image above will because show the following options.
Click on Tools> Keyword Planner in the image above and you will get two options for doing keyword research.
In the figure above you can see two options. Here we will use the Find new Keywords section of the first section. Since we do keyword research because for our blog/website, we will only get detailed ideas about keywords using the Find new Keywords section. We don’t need to use the other part too much. But for those who want to advertise on Google, the other part is needed. because

Just click on the Find new Keywords option to research the keywords and you will see the following options.
The keywords you want to research should be entered in the search box above. See the picture below-
See in the picture above I have written three keywords. After typing in a keyword, the next keyword should be forgiven. However, only one keyword can be researched here. because
Finally, clicking on the Get Started button in the image above will show all the information about your desired keyword.

Look at Part 1 of the image above

Look at Part 1 of the image above to see how the because search keywords are searched for the month. Each keyword is searched in the search engine from 3,000 to 7 thousand a month. The first of these keywords has Competition Medium and the remaining two keywords have Competition Low. So posting with this keyword is likely to get more visitors.
The section marked with the arrow in Fig. 2 says there are 20 more keywords related to the searched keywords, showing all the details below. That way you can easily so get ideas from Google Keyword Planner for all the keyword relationships you need.
You can change the location from the arrow to the left of the image. If you want to know how much these keywords are searched only from Bangladesh, you will get all the information if you select Location Bangladesh.
In addition, the value of the keywords on the right side and the value of the ad are showing. This way you can get an idea of ​​how much you can earn from Google Adsense if you work with some keywords.
How to Filter and Research Keywords?
The Keyword Research option is a great way to filter keywords in Google Keyword Planner. I always use the Filter option in Keyword Research to come up with different ideas about keywords. See below how to filter and research keywords?

Just click on the Add Filter option

Just click on the Add Filter option as shown in the image above to filter information about your searched keyword, and you will see various filtering options like the one below.
The picture above shows many filtering options. From here you can find all the information about keywords by selecting the options you need.
Suppose, for example, you want to know about Keyword Competition. In this case, you have to click on the Competition option in the image above. After clicking on Competition you will see the image below.

If you want to work with low Competitive Keywords, then select Low from the image above and click on the Apply option below and you will get detailed information about Low Competitive Keywords.

See the picture above after

See the picture above after filtering all the different information about Low Competitive Keywords.
This way you can use Google Keyword Planner to research keywords using different options. Only a blogger can properly select the appropriate keywords for his blog. If I can do it properly, I think anyone else can do it manually. Still, we will discuss the remaining issues in detail in the future, InshaAllah.

How to use appropriate keywords in blogs?
I believe that if you understand the above correctly you will find yourself getting a clear idea of ​​the right keywords for your blog and any blog post. Below we will share some more tips that will make you more careful about using keywords.
Long Tail Keywords Usage: If your blog is new and your blog ranking is low, then you must use the short keywords next big keywords. Because it’s very difficult for new blogs to get traffic from search engines with short keywords. In that case, you can use keywords like Big and Low Competition. Moreover, most webmasters believe that using big keywords can easily get traffic from search engines. As your blog gets older and the rankings get higher, you can use keywords like High and Competition.

Because if you write

Popular keyword usage: Use keywords that are of great interest to visitors. Because if you write about a topic that is rarely searched on the Internet, then you can not achieve any success by working with keywords. You can use popular keywords by adding some more keywords if they are High Competitive.
Google Webmaster Tools Keyword Data: This is a very efficient piece. When you go to the Search Queries section of your Google Webmaster Tools, you can clearly see what kind of keywords your blog is getting from search engine traffic. You can get good results by choosing the key keywords from there.

Keyword Density: Keyword Density is the number of times a word is posted on a blog. Suppose you have a word on a page of a website, and you use the keyword 3 times in those words. Then it can be said that 5 times the keyword is used and the keyword density is 5%. I think a website’s keyword density should generally be between 1-5%. You can use keywords in the Image and other important places in the post, including the first and last part of your blog post.
Ask Help: I ‘ve tried to give you clear ideas on how to use keywords in a blog or website using Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner. Hopefully, if you carefully read all the above steps, you will be able to choose the appropriate keywords for your blog. However, if any part of the problem is difficult to understand or there is any problem, you can let us know via comment. We’ll try to clear your backlog about Keyword Research by responding.

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