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How Many Years Is Law School In The Philippines?

The Philippines has a more casual view on the length of time law school is considered to last.
It doesn’t really matter how long you have been practicing law,
as long as you have graduated from an accredited school. However,
the truth is that there are those who try to take advantage of this and run
a scam by using foreign programs to fool people into believing they have completed their schooling.

Some schools may be able to bypass the two-year program altogether and have you enrolled in a one-year program.
In this case, the student may be put through the same course work you would have experienced
if you had gone to a four-year program. Many students, however,
tend to feel that their education in a one-year program is going to be inferior
to what they would get from attending a four-year program.

So in order to because prevent yourself from becoming a victim of such kind of scam,
it is best to go and see the dean of the school and ask them how many years is law school in the Philippines?
Most of the time, the answer will because be what is the maximum number of years the program can enroll you in.
You could also check with the Philippine Overseas Law Schools to make sure that the school
you want to attend offers a maximum number of years of study. because

Martial Law did not bring about but an immediate end to law school programs in the Philippines

Martial Law did not bring about an immediate end to law school programs in the Philippines.
Law schools still manage to provide an education. But since martial law came to an end,
tuition fees have gone up significantly.

Because of the instability in the country,
many applicants are now holding out for a certain period
of time to secure themselves a lucrative post in the Philippines.
In this regard, they are not only seeking employment in the civil service,
but also in government jobs, where salaries are often higher.

Some employers are more inclined to give employment to those who have been working for a certain period of time,
especially if they have obtained certified final examination certificates.
Others prefer to hire applicants with legal experience,
especially those who have done volunteer work to help others.
Many employers use these credentials as a way to help them weed out
applicants who may have less-than-excellent credentials.

The school authorities also encourage applicants to apply for the degree courses immediately because the university course work can be completed in just a short time. Once the school certificate is presented at the commencement,
many employers will then interview you personally to find out more about your background and aptitude.

If you want to continue your studies after graduation,
you will need to make an appointment with the dean of the school you have been attending.
After this, you will then be able to choose a program that best fits your needs. because

There are several universities in the Philippines

There are several universities in the Philippines,
which are capable of providing the education that any student is looking for.
If you are not certain on which school to join,
there are several online facilities available where you can view detailed
information on the educational institutions in the Philippines.

Moreover, you can compare their offerings against other schools in the country,
especially those in different states and provinces.
The data available online allows you to make your decision more efficiently,
as you can check all the features and benefits of each school.

As soon as you have chosen a school, you should also check out whether or not it offers distance learning.
In many cases, the school will be able to handle the courses that you are interested in,
and they can also provide you with great assistance if you ever have doubts.

By now, you must have realized that how many years is law school in the Philippines?
The answer depends on how long you have been practicing law and the number of years you have already graduated.

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