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Guardian Life accepts and pays for insurance online

Abdur Rahman Abir: Bangladesh as the world is in the grip of the Corona virus epidemic.
The government has declared a general holiday to prevent infection and has instructed everyone to stay home.
The private life insurance company Guardian Life Insurance is still ensuring the services of insurance customers.

The company is accepting and paying insurance claims at home to meet the financial needs of corporate customers in this lockdown situation.
The operation is being carried out through the online Claim Submission (OCS) platform.
This is the first such initiative in the insurance sector of the country. so
That’s what the company’s CHIEF Executive Officer M M Monirul Alam said. because

“We have already been conducting various online activities in view of the needs of insurance customers,
he told InsuranceNewsBD. We have health insurance for 2.5 million customers.
They have to serve on Fridays and Saturdays on weekends.
So we have strengthened the online media to ensure the service of these customers.

“We couldn’t make payments online even if we had already run online operations,” said M M Monirul Alam.
But now we’ve started with this situation in the country. I can pay for any account. because
With the approval of the Board, I can now pay any insurance claim of Rs. 15 lakh. so

We have already accepted and resolved insurance

“We have already accepted and resolved insurance claims on Thursday, Friday and Saturday,” he added.
At this time, insurance claims have been paid to the corporate customers from 3th to 30th. so
I pay one to a hundred demands every day. Our staff is conducting all the activities that are scheduled at home.

The chief executive of Guardian Life said, “We have over 300,000 corporate customers.
They (indoor, outdoor, death department) can now sit at home and raise insurance claims using mobile,
laptop or desktop. Our employees will then evaluate it and pay the claim online.

“We are taking the call from the customer to avoid false claims or misrepresentation, because
he said. So that we can take necessary action if any claims are proved to be false or false.
In this case, the customer is sending the application with his signature and the photo on the mobile phone.
Also, phone records and bank information are being stored.

M M Monirul Alam said corporate customers can log in directly to this address.
Or the service can be taken from guardian life’s own website
He also expressed hope that others outside the corporate customers will soon be able to get into the service.

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