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Creating Backlinks: What is Backlink and how is Backlinks available?

What is Backlink and how to create and grow Backlink? What is the importance of Backlink in SEO and how Backlink is available and how to increase blog rank by increasing the number of visitors through Backlink?

A backlink is one of the most widely used and discussed terms in search engine optimization (SEO). We generally say that Google has more than two hundred ranking factors. A backlink is the most important of these two hundred Google ranking factors. One hundred SEO experts questioned the Google ranking factor for doing research on the Google Ranking Factor, the world-renowned SEO firm “Moz”. A backlink is one of the things that mattered most to Google Ranking Factor in response to Moz’s question. Moreover, only one backlink was given importance in the ranking of a website 5/7 years ago ie, the more website that had a backlink, the higher its website/blog could be.
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Some Elements Of Backlink:

What Are The Benefits Of Backlink In SEO?

  • 1. Faster Indexing:
  • 2. Improve Organic Rank:
  • 3. Improve Page And Domain Authority:
  • 4. Referral Traffic:
  • 5. Building Relationship:

How To Create A Backlink?

  • 1. Quality Content:
  • 2. Guest Blogging:

How To Find A Guest Blog?

  1.  Submit To Web Directories:
  2.  Broken Link Building:
  3. Competitors Backlinks:
  4. Other Ways To Create A Backlink:

What To Do To Create A Backlink?

Many of those who are new to blogging may not understand Backlink correctly or understand the importance of Backlink in search engine optimization. In today’s post, you will find out what Backlink is, what importance does Backlink have in search engine optimization, how important is Backlink for success by blogging online? You will also find out how to optimize the backlink of your blog’s Competitors, and how to increase the traffic of the search engine from the search engine by positioning it at the top of the Google search engine results page by collecting more and more backlinks than the Competitors blog.

What is Backlink?
Backlink in search engine optimization (SEO) terminology refers to the linking of one web page to another. That webpage may be the main domain of a blog/website or a link to a post. You can think of every backlink on your blog as one vote on the blog. This backlink is again of two types. One is Internal Backlink and the other is External Backlink. When a link to your own web page is linked to one of the pages/posts on your blog/website it will be considered as Internal Backlink. On the other hand, when the link to your own web page is linked to another blog/website page/post, it will be counted as External Backlink. Backlink to

most blogs its definition, I have seen that the link to your own blog is linked to another blog is called Backlink. This is a completely false idea. Backlink not only links to other blogs but also links to your own blog/page.

Creating Backlinks: What is Backlink and how are Backlinks available?
For example: Suppose the Url of your blog or the Url of a post is linked to your blog or another blog owner has linked your blog/post Url to his blog. In this case, your link will be assumed to have received a backlink from the blog you linked to or from any other blog.

Suppose your blog is named “Blogger Tricks” and the blog name of the blog with which your blog is linked is “SEO Tricks”. In this case, you will be counted as having got a backlink to your blog from a blog called “SEO Tricks”. That way, the more you add your blog’s Url to your blog, the backlink to your blog will increase. This is one of the most important things for search engine optimization (SEO). Backlinking is an effective part of Off-Page SEO.

Some elements of Backlink:
There are some elements of Backlink that make Backlinks so important in search engine optimization. In the form of the points below, I will capture those points in front of you. Understanding these issues will allow you to do a proper link building.
Link Juice: When a post on your blog is created as a backlink in connection with another blog, your post will bring some Link Juice from the linked post. On the other hand, when your blog/post is linked to another blog, that blog will take Link Juice from your post. This kind of Link Juice increases the domain authority by increasing the rank of posts.
NoFollow Link: When a search engine bot or crawler crawls a blog, you will see a Nofollow link anywhere in the blog and bypassing the link without giving much importance. In that case, no matter how much NoFollow Backlink is created on your blog, it will not matter too much to the search engine. Because a NoFollow Link Post is not meant to carry Link Juice.
DoFollow Link: The complete opposite of Nofollow is the DoFollow Link. When a search engine bot or crawler crawls a blog, when you see a DoFollow link anywhere on the blog, the Throw link goes to that link’s page. As well as the post that was linked to, it links to some posts from Link Juice. DoFollow Backlink has a lot of value when it comes to ranking a website.
Internal Links: If the link to your own web page is linked to any page/post on your blog/website then it is considered as Internal Link. Internal Backlink is of great importance to search engines.
External Links: If the link to your own web page links to another blog/website page/post, then it is counted as External Link. The importance of External Backlink to search engines is immense and contributes significantly to the website’s ranking.
Root Domain Links: It refers to how many Unique domains you are creating the Backlink from. Suppose you create 5 backlinks from 5 different posts on my blog. In this case, your backlink will be 3 but the root domain link will be a. Because my main domain address is a. In this case, if you create backlinks from different blogs, the number of root domain links will increase and your blog ranking will increase.
Low-Quality Link: There was a time when those who could collect the Backlink from the blog could be ranked, but with the updating of Google’s algorithms, it would not be beneficial to create a backlink only from the Low-Quality website. In order to get backlinks, you must create a backlink from a website that is High Domain Authority.
Irrelevant Links: Creating a Backlink from a blog/post that does not match the content of your blog/post does not. The topic of your blog is “Android Tips and Tricks” but links to the blog “Health Tips”. This kind of backlink has no value.
What are the benefits of Backlink in SEO?
There was a time when any kind of Backlink would have made it possible to rank a blog, but with the introduction of the new Penguin Algorithm rules, it would have been more difficult to rank in Google search engine without a standard backlink. At present, no good results can be expected with low-quality backlinks. Now, to create a backlink, the Domain Authority and the Page Authority should be checked. If you are planning to purchase a backlink, you must clear the matter with your backlink providers before making a purchase. Otherwise, they will make you a Backlink of Low Quality that will not help you to rank your blog.

In the case of SEO, Backlink will do the following for your blog:

  • Faster Indexing
  • Improve Organic Rank
  • Improve Page and Domain Authority
  • Referral Traffic
  • Building Relationship

1. Faster Indexing:
The post search engine on a blog will index the commissions within the search engine, the post can generate traffic as fast as possible. Because a post will not be displayed on the search engine results page until Index. In this case, if your new posts can create a backlink to a quality blog, the search engine crawler will quickly index your post by crawling it on that blog post. Normally it takes a while to get search engine ideas about a new post. Also, if your blog is new, it may take a long time for search engine ideas about posts. The importance of Backlink is huge if you want to index new posts in less time.

2. Improve Organic Rank:
Backlinks will undoubtedly increase a blog’s search ranking. All the world-renowned SEO companies and SEO experts always say that the higher the backlinks to a quality post, the higher the post will be able to rank in the search engine. Let us look at the facts in the figure below.

The above image is taken from the popular SEO tools ahrefs. Before taking the image I did a search on Google SEO by typing YouTube SEO. By searching YouTube SEO, the post on Backlinko.Com shows the number of Google search results at 8 and the posts of Neilpatel.Com show on Google search results. Then by searching the links on both pages, ahrefs tool and see the above results.

See the figure above as the Backlink 7 of the ranked post in the YouTube SEO keywords and backlink 1 of the No. 2 post. Therefore, it is seen that the higher the post on the blog post, the higher the rank of the blog post search result.

It is important to note that the above image I created together with the Ahrefs tool is differently researched. The most popular SEO tool is ahrefs. This is a paid tool. It costs about $ 5 to use this tool a month. I’ve verified the Backlink only link using the free version. A keyword can be used to extract backlinks when using the paid version. Since I do not have a paid version, more details could not be shown. Using this tool can easily increase the ranking of SEO on any website.
2. Improve Page and Domain Authority:
Google once had its own ranking system (1 to 5), but a few years ago Google introduced a ranking system to protect the privacy of its ranking system. For that, the rank of a website is currently measured through the Page Authority and Domain Authority. Typically, the Page Authority and Domain Authority are from 1 to 5. The higher the PA and DA of a website, the better the rank of the website is considered. Backlink contributes significantly to the PA and DA growth of another blog. See the picture below-

The image above is from the Google search result. As a result of searching on YouTube SEO, PA and DA were very high for the two websites that were ranked in the rankings at number 2 and 2 on the Google search results page. Usually, the backlink of a post is higher the page authority of that post and it collects traffic from the top in the search result. Page Authority-55 of post no. 8 and Page Authority-51 of post 2.

From the image above it is easy to understand that the backlink to post # 1 is higher because the post authority of the post is higher and it is ranked at number 5 on Google search. Then the second post is slightly lower than the Backlink 8th post, and its Page Authority is a bit lower on the first post, and it ranks No. 2 in Google search.

3. Referral Traffic:
Referral Traffic makes it possible to get a lot of traffic to your blog if you can create a backlink from all the blogs that have a lot of traffic. Because quality blogs have a lot of visitors and if you share the link of your blog as Anchor Text, you will come to read your blog post by clicking on 5% visitor backlinking for that post. There are many difficult and difficult issues to get such a backlink. However, if you wish to create such backlinks through Guest Blogging. Because without guest blogging, nobody would want to provide such a backlink.

4. Building Relationship:
Backlink undoubtedly creates a kind of relationship between different blogs and readers. As a backlink is linked to a blog from another blog, on the other hand, readers are introduced to the blog from one blog to another. In the meantime, if you like the article of your blog to the reader, the blog can be liked by subscribing to Facebook and Twitter pages. In this way, Backlink will increase blog rank and traffic by creating the Relationship of the blog.
How to create a Backlink?
After such a long discussion, I came to the main point of Backlink. I believe that from the above discussion and analysis, you have a clear idea about the backbone of the backlink. Before discussing how to create a backlink, let me reiterate that in the case of creating a backlink, you should emphasize on quality, not just on Quantity. Because of the extra backlinks, Google will penalize less important links and spam. In the meantime, your Backlink will do the opposite to increase the rank instead of increasing the rank.

Here are a few ways to create or grow a Backlink –

  • Quality Content (Most Important)
  • Guest Blogging
  • Submit to Web Directories
  • Broken Link Building
  • Competitors Backlinks

1. Quality Content:
Writing quality articles on your blog is only a matter of time when getting a backlink. There is usually a proverb that someone who has a talent for fear will burn out. If the quality of your blog is more than quality, others will share your blog post on their blog. If you think in general sense if your blog does not have any unique content then why only others can share your blog post. There must be a reason behind sharing the post. And that must be the reason why quality articles.

See some tips for becoming a good writer or writing a quality article –
Write about different types of problem-solving issues. A visitor doesn’t just come online to read a blog without a reason. Come to your blog to search for a solution to any problems. If you find a solution to this, the link of your post will be shared through various means.
Readers of all classes write using languages ​​that are easy to understand. Especially in the case of English blogs try to write using simple words. In this way, readers of all levels, including the less educated and the more educated, will understand the language of writing. To make yourself as talented as you are, don’t make it difficult by just using difficult sentences.
Currently, all types of articles are available online. Then try to write something unique in a different style than others.
After writing about a topic, try to make it more clear by giving an example at the end of it. This will increase the acceptability of your writing to the reader.
Interviews with different experts can be shared on the blog. This will add value to the readers of your blog.
After sharing quality content on your blog, you must wait a few days if you want to reach the reader through a search engine. Because the normal search engine will take some time to index your new post. For that, if you want to make Backlink within a short period of time by getting your text out to the reader, then the post should be spread to the reader. You can use Google’s help to do this.

By searching the Google search engine for the main keywords of the post that you have posted about, you can find blogs of your blog and tell them about your blog’s new post through their blog contact form. In the meantime, they must read your post by clicking on the link in the mail.
Creating Backlinks: What is Backlink and how are Backlinks available?
Also, you can use the BuzzSumo Free Tool to find the Trending Topic for your blog’s desired posts.

2. Guest Blogging:
Guest Blogging is one of the easiest ways for a blogger to launch his or her own blog. New bloggers will not be able to create Backlink for their own blog without Guest Blogging. If you can share a unique post on one of the blog’s admins, it will not hesitate to give you 2/3 backlinks for the fear of the post.

However, it is very difficult to find a quality blog that allows guest blogging. Most quality blogs do not want to receive guest posts. There are some blogs that receive guest posts but they have many terms and conditions so guest blogging is not possible for everyone. Again there are some blogs that can be posted through guest blogging but in the first case, no one wants to provide a backlink. However, I believe if you blog guest with quality content on any blog, the admin will give you at least one backlink. A backlink to a quality blog can become very valuable to your blog.
How to find a Guest Blog?
Many blogs that receive guest posts can be found online. You can do this through the Google search engine. I’ll try to give you some ideas about how to search and get them out of Google.

[Your Keyword] “guest post”
[Your Keyword] “Write for us”
[Your Keyword] “guest blog”
[Your Keyword] “guest posting”
[Your Keyword] “guest blogging”
[Your Keyword] “Submit a guest post”
[Your Keyword] “submit post”
[Your Keyword] “Submit blog post”
[Your Keyword] “Add blog post”
[Your Keyword] “Submit an article”
[Your Keyword] “Submit your content”
[Your Keyword] “Suggest a guest post”

This way you can easily find out the related topic guest blog from Google with your blog. You will find some blogs that will allow you to register on their blogs and some blogs that only receive posts. Also, if you like a blog and want to work as a guest blogger there, you can contact the blog admin directly or by email. In addition, those who do not receive guest bloggers can also add you as a guest blogger at your request. However, in the case of guest blogging, you should note that the blog you are guest blogging on is linked to the content of your blog. Otherwise, the backlink obtained by guest blogging will not bring you any kind of price for your blog.
3. Submit to Web Directories:
Directory Submission refers to some web sites that store different blogs/websites in their information store. The main purpose of the directory site is that a visitor can easily find the desired website and get services from those web sites. The importance of Directory Submission is crucial for a new blog to quickly become familiar with the online world.

There are many Web Directories online that you can find when you search Google. However, you must verify the directory before submitting it. Otherwise, creating a Backlink in the public domain can lead to spamming your blog. I will try to share a detailed post on this topic in the future.
4. Broken Link Building:
There are billions of websites/blogs online. Every day new blogs are being created and many are giving up blogging because they are unable to compete. Also, many people are constantly updating their posts and making changes. As a result of these updates and changes, your blog is losing one-time backlinks to all those blogs. As a result, your blog’s Broken Link is growing.

This kind of Broken Link search engine doesn’t like either. As a result of Broken Link, search engines are confused about the link to your blog, whether your posts are actually active or not. In addition, Broken Link causes visitors to read about annoying situations that affect your blog’s ranking.

There are various paid and free tools online that can easily find out the Broken Link of the blog. See the following image I am Dr. Link Check Find out Broken Link from a blog.
Creating Backlinks: What is Backlink and how are Backlinks available?
See the image above of a total of 20 backlinks in a post that contains 21 Broken Links. This way you can find out the Broken Link on your blog. However, the above website did not satisfy me completely. You can use ahrefs Broken Link Checker to find the perfect, reliable and accurate Broken Link.

Finally, by submitting the link to the Broken Link you found in the Wayback Machine, you can notify the admins of the desired blog to re-link those backlinks. Then they will add the link to your blog again, or the link will be permanently removed from their blog. This will remove your blog from the problem of Broken Link.
5. Competitors Backlinks:
By searching Google for targeted keywords for the topic you are blogging about and the topic you are posting on, you will get an idea of ​​which blogs are ranking on the desired keywords. Then by analyzing the links of those blogs with various tools, you can get ideas on which blogs or platforms they took backlink from. Then you can try to create a backlink from the blog/website that they have taken backlink from.

Aherfs tools are the most popular for checking Competitors Backlinks. Usually, there are no good quality free tools for analyzing such options, so I cannot show you the topic in my hand. But soon I’ll try to get a clearer idea of ​​the issue with ahefs tools.
6 Other ways to create a Backlink:
Apart from the above 7 ways, you can use some more techniques to create a backlink from different blogs/websites. However, I personally recommend increasing backlinks in all of the above methods. Now, I will make a request to you not to take the ways I am sharing below. Because of these, you may be able to create Backlink but they do not matter too much in search engine optimization. However, if your blog is new then you can only create Backlink through the forum post. This will help to introduce your blog to the blog in a new way.
Post a forum
Comment on others’ blogs.
Comments on the forum
Via press release.
Exchanges links.
Through advertising on the website.
Buying Backlinks ( Paid Backlinks ).

What to do to create a Backlink?
From all the above discussion and analysis, you have already got a clear idea of ​​what to look for and what to look for and create a backlink for your blog. However, before completing the post, I have once again summarized the whole issue.
Of course, create a backlink from a quality blog. Try to get backlinks from blogs that have a good Domain Authority and Page Authority.
There is no benefit to backlink from blogs that are not relevant to your topic. To create a backlink from your blog that matches a Niche.
Always try to create a DoFollw Backlink.
It’s best not to create a backlink through advertising. Because there is a possibility of spamming.
In order to get paid backlink, you should talk to your backlink provider well. However, in my opinion, it is better not to take a paid backlink.
Try to create different blogs from the same blog/website without having to create a backlink again and again.
Try to get a backlink from your blog’s Competitor blog. Then you can easily rank the post.
Lastly, I’ve tried to give you easy ideas on what Backlink is, why and how to increase backlink. If you like our post, don’t forget to share it on social media including Facebook and Twitter. Please share your comments about the post through comments.

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