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10 Important Google SEO Tips of recent times

10 Important Google SEO Tips of recent times

Increase visitors and blog traffic from the search engines by optimizing Google search engine properly by knowing the latest updates to Google Search Algorithm 20.

Search engine optimization makes your blog/website extremely trusted by search engines. This allows your website to answer any questions visitors may have through search engines. Because on any website,

visitors enter through the search engine. Currently, only 5% of people complete all their work through the Google Search Engine. If you target Google Search Engine for this, you are likely to get 5% of your visitors. You need to optimize the Yahoo and Bing search engines to get the remaining 5%.

I’m going to write some topics on Google Search Engine today. Next day I will try to write the rest of the search engines. The main purpose of our post today is to know some important things about Google SEO and to bring visitors from Google to our blog.

Google Search Engine Optimization-23

  • Featured Snippets: After typing a keyword in the Google search engine, it does some post-show with search result image and information based on your desired keyword. This makes it easier for a visitor to visit the desired link. Google brings such blog posts to the top of search results with greater importance.
  • Structured Data: Structured Data refers to all the code in the Blogger template,

    including HTML and CSS

    including HTML and CSS. Every default and custom blog has Data Hatom Errors. These are all fixed according to the blog type. If you do not correct these errors,

    then there will be many

    then there will be many problems with search engine optimization. Generally, Structured Data contains the following:

    • Rating Stars
    • Opening Hours
    • Event Data
    • Post-Author
  • User Experience: User experience here refers to the user experience of your blog/website. The better the design and load time of your blog, the more important the blog will be to both search and visitor. In order to maintain the user experience, the following points must be kept in mind:
    • Load time for the blog.
    • Good and attractive design.
    • Mobile optimization or responsive design .
  • AMP Optimization:  AMP HTML is an open-source project supported by Google companies that help content on a website load faster on any mobile device. Even better, on a mobile device, AMP is capable of loading any website at a fast bullet rate. Google has been emphasizing AMP lately.
  • Google’s Mobile-First Index: Google has created a separate bot for mobile. This will result in a separate search algorithm for displaying search content on mobile. If someone searches from mobile then it will give different importance. In this case, if your blog is mobile friendly then the search engine will give more importance to the mobile version. Otherwise, your blog will be lagging behind in terms of the mobile index.
  • Long Article: Once upon a time, writing small posts could get a lot of traffic from search engines, but Google says they are now giving more importance to more article blog posts. In this case, to rank in a post search engine, the importance of a longer article or more posts should be written with the word.
  • Good Image: Google recently stated on their official blog that if someone uses a beautiful and attractive image in conjunction with his post,

    that post will be able

    that post will be able to increase search engine traffic by 5%. Moreover, you can see for yourself that Google has a separate search engine for image search.

  • Backlinks: In the case of backlinks, Google says that your blog will only have DoFollow links and no NoFollow links, it may not be. Backlinks in the fields of DoFollow and NoFollow both links must be. At the same time, you need to create a backlink from such blogs.
  • Video Share: The popularity of video tutorials is increasing day by day. Sharing videos along with the articles in your blog post will increase the because importance of posts to search engines. Besides, you can share videos on your blog by creating videos and uploading them to YouTube.
  • Voice Search: Voice search options are placed in the search box for quality blogs. This allows a reader to easily search the blog post without so typing. This topic will be more easily presented to the reader on your blog. Voice options are commonly used in mobile search.

My personal advice:

  • Never post inaccurate posts/topics with Google Search Engine.
  • There is no way Google policy can be adopted to get a good ranking.
  • Don’t expect wonderful positive because results or good results at a fast pace without much effort. A lot of hard work is required for good results. Google is an organization where you can optimize your website completely free of charge without paying any price. This requires your tireless work.
  • In order to get good search results, you need to follow Google’s full policy. If you do not follow any of the Google policy, your so site will not get good results in the search engine.
  • Your website must be submitted to Google Search Console. This will bring your site’s posts to the search engine quickly.
  • Google usually determines the because ranking of your website through the links coming from different websites,

    kind of quality website

    ie, what kind of quality website visitors came to your blog. For this, you can link your blog to various good quality websites. For example, you can create a backlink by commenting on important websites.

  • The search engine must explain the link in your post. For example, if you link to your post by randomly typing the link in the post, the search engine will be able to read your link easily.
  • Many people think that Google does not give a good ranking for that website when the website is a few days old. In fact, it is a sense of complete error. because

    Google ranking depends on the quality of your blog content. If the quality of your blog content is good then your website will get good ranking in because a few days.

  • Continue your blogging with a specific topic so or 1-5 topics. Most websites do not write a specific topic and write whatever they want. For example, if you are but writing about web design,

    you write about this topic or write about it. Do not write about everything in a ha-like manner. Do not get a good ranking of your website.

  • You can research keywords to write good quality topics. By doing so, you will know about some of the keywords high level and some of the keywords are low level. This will introduce your website to a search engine with a standard website.

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